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The Safe-O-Kid team interviewed Dr. Reena Arora to learn from her about the Ayurvedic measures that can be adopted to keep a COVID infection from occurring in children as well as adults. Dr. Arora gave a detailed description of all the Ayurvedic and natural procedures that can be implemented at home for maintaining good health. She also explains about the methods of enhancing immunity as recommended by the Ayush Ministry in the interview.

Among other things, Dr. Reena Arora stressed in her interview on the physical precautionary measures that can be taken in the maintenance of health, using Ayurvedic practices. She gives us important advice such as “creating a bio-mask for the nose with application of oil inside the nostrils” and “gargle with salt and turmeric in hot water” as part of the interview. The Ayurveda expert also outlines the kinds of foods that are best for keeping up immunity or nursing a patient back to health after they have recovered from a COVID infection.

Safe-O-Kid’s interview with Dr. Reena Arora is a part of the COVID Awareness Campaign that is specifically put together for parents to understand how children can be kept safe from an infection as the 3rd COVID wave inches closer. You can catch the video of Dr. Reena Arora’s interview in the series on the Safe-O-Kid website and even visit the Safe-O-Kid YouTube channel to view the expert video and gain all the information on the estimated 3rd wave of COVID in India. Watch the video today to ensure immunity for your little ones!


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