Health & Environmental Resilience and Livability in Cities (HERL)

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Climate change is nowadays one of the most serious threats to life’s existence on earth as global warming affects the environment, and therefore, affects living conditions. Global warming has already caused severe life-threatening challenges including droughts, more severe hurricanes, and sea-level rise. In addition, the growing season of plants will lengthen in the near future.

Besides threatening life on earth for humans and all biodiversity, these environmental changes affect human health, causing physical and psychiatric conditions, such as asthma, renal failure, and pre-term birth; in addition, increased heat helps pests and pathogens spread into new regions.

One of the causes of the increased heat is the resources used to produce energy, such as oil and gas. Nowadays, more innovations have been tested and are being used to convert energy to electricity, like floating wind farms, which are floating wind turbines, interconnected with cables and anchored to the ocean floor; and solar roadways, which are roads with solar panels instead of asphalt that can power electric cars, as well as the homes and businesses that line their paths.

The world now more than ever is in need of more innovations to save it. Join the 2nd edition of our “Health & Environmental Resilience and Livability in Cities (HERL) - The challenge of climate change” conference in collaboration with the Department of Engineering, University of Perugia, Italy to be held online and get the chance to contribute and make a significant impact. The conference is a chance for scientists and researchers from around the globe to excavate solutions for the new environmental and health threats. IEREK welcomes participants with various scientific backgrounds and offers the opportunity to publish in the Scopus-indexed ASTI Book series by Springer.


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