A Video Interview with Child Psychologist and Counsellor Dr. Kriti Vashisht

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This is a part of the COVID Awareness Campaign video series compiled by Safe-O-Kid and is an interview that will help you gain an insight on how health of children can be influenced by their mental state. Renowned child psychologist and counsellor Dr. Kriti Vashishr explained about the importance of mental and emotional health in conjunction with physical health and fitness in children. She also specifically educates the audiences about how improved mental health in children can empower them to fight the 3rd wave of COVID effectively, especially since it is estimated that the kids are going to be the hardest hit.

In her interview with Safe-O-Kid, Dr. Kriti Vashisht states that, “It is important to channelize the energies of the children with the help of physical activity even as they remain locked down as lack of activity may lead to mental health issues such as ADHD”. She stress in the interview on the fact that good mental health helps in keeping the level of immunity in children high, which is why the children need to remain happy and positive for them to be able to fight the pandemic. The mental health expert asserts that though children need to be made aware about the pandemic situation, it is also important to not scare them but given only as much information to them as can help them in remaining safe.

To know more about all the expert advice provided by Dr. Vashisht, you can watch her interview from the series of the campaign videos at the Safe-O-Kid website. You can even visit the Safe-O-Kid YouTube channel to view the expert video and gain all the information on the estimated 3rd wave of COVID in India. Watch the video today to ensure immunity for your little ones!


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