How AI/ML Is Simplified On Flex83 Application Enablement Platform AEP

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You Know What? 86% of CEOs say AI/ML is mainstream technology for their organization.

Three-quarters of enterprises will 'operationalize' AI by 2024 as per the Gartner report. Auto ML is one of the key components that Flex83 AEP delivers to drive faster use cases and provide instant value to the business with the lowest possible investment (A few hundred $$).

In this webinar Lee and Deep will talk about the click-based approach of building complex models, enabling Data Scientists, Analysts, Researchers to focus on getting value from data.

Here is the Agenda:

1-Creating Data Pipelines From Different Sources to Start with ML
2-AI/ML Use Cases Across Different Industries (NLP, Object Recognition, Auto ML)
3-Click to Build Approach of Flex83 Application Enablement Platform Towards AI/ML
4-Best Practices in AI/ML – Tech Stack That Works
5-Model Building in The Cloud and Deploy in The Edge

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