“Scrooging for Kids” with The Revolution School

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“Scrooging for Kids” with The Revolution School
Workshop | Arts Learning Lab @ Home
Saturday, August 28, 2021 | 11 AM – 12:30 PM PST

Awaken your hidden super powers, make a player card, construct a gadget belt, and co-build revolutionary worlds based in care, acceptance, and creativity. 

In ‘Scrooging for Kids,’ we will adventure within our strengths and vulnerabilities to awaken how they can ALL be superpowers. How can throwing a tantrum, crying, or lying be a superpower? How can I fly? Where do I get my strength from? Let’s learn how our embarrassment or anger can be tools for our superheroes/supervillains!

We will workshop our superpowers into player cards and then build our superhero/supervillain gadget belt or whatever gadget contraption you can imagine (a fanny pack, breast plate, crown, escape satchel, pocket book, etc.).

Our gadget devices with player cards can be worn whenever we need to activate our superhero/supervillain powers.

To introduce yourself to the group, please bring a superhero name AND a supervillain name to share. Feel free to come dressed in your superhero/supervillain attire (we will be)!


Cedric, Clara, Dan/i, Devin, Jennifer, Jessie, Kristy, Nikki, Rino, Sara

Minimum materials: imagination, your superhero name, your supervillain name, paper, something to draw with (pencils, pens, markers, puffy paint, etc.), scissors, tape, player card template printed out*

Optional materials: anything around your house that can become part of your gadget device (e.g., cereal boxes, shoe boxes, old clothing, old backpack, fanny pack, pillow case, etc.); string, belt, rope, ribbon, fabric, etc. to tie your gadget device around your body

*If you don’t have access to a printer, this item will be available for pick-up at 18th Street’s Santa Monica campus. We will send details once you register for the workshop. If you will not be able to pick up, you can collect these materials at home in advance.

Caption: The Revolution Deck: Scroogers and Superheroes player cards, designed by Devin Alejandro-Wilder, inspired by Jessie Closson’s Superheroes/Scroogers Trello cards. Each active member of Rev School builds one of these player cards, adding to the expansion of The Revolution Deck, as either a Scrooger or Superhero or a hybrid of both. This spread are the members of the Scrooging for Kids team: Devin Alejandro-Wilder, Sara Barnett, Dan/i Bustillo, Jessie Closson, Rino Kodama, Kristen Mitchell, Jennifer Moon, Nikki Luna Paz, Clara Philbrick, Cedric Tai.


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