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Have you ever wondered how ideas become dance? How do the dancers change movement into mood, image and story? To find out the answers, join Benita Bike's DanceArt for two unique online dance programs on April 17 & April 24. Register for the April 17 show at http://www.danceart.org/April17 and register for the April 24th show at http://www.danceart.org/April24. These programs are FREE and supported in part by an arts grant from the City of West Hollywood. Questions? 818-470-5734 or benita@danceart.org.

Benita Bike’s work has recently been praised for its “keen sense of form and musicality,” and each of these April programs promises an hour of beautiful dancing and an inside look at how dances are made.

The April 17 program features a short rehearsal video demonstrating the process of dance making along with dances Benches and Plugged. Benches takes you into a park for a day to people-watch and imagine the lives of the those who are alone, in pairs, and in groups. Plugged explores our relationships to the machines that occupy our world and how these machines affect our sensitivity to nature, quiet, and the earth.



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