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Oneness Healer Curriculum:

This course includes IN-PERSON classes, LIVESTREAM classes, & ONLINE courses to support you at all levels

The Oneness Energy Healer Apprenticeship is a process of profound transformation!

In this Comprehensive One Year Apprenticeship Program, you will complete the following:

* REIKI Level I Certification
* REIKI Level II Certification
* Shoden REIKI Ryoho Level I Certification
* Okuden REIKI Ryoho Level II Certification
* 2-Day SHAMANIC Fundamentals Workshop\
* CRYSTAL Healer and Vibrational Healer Certification Level I
* CRYSTAL Healer and Vibrational Healer Certification Level II
* REIKI Master ART III Certification (Advanced Reiki Training)
* Sound Healing Level I Certification
* EFT Level I Certification
* Karuna REIKI Level I Certification
* Karuna REIKI Level II Certification
* Psychic Reader Certification (Extrasensory Development Level I which includes Akashic Records)
* 12 Masters Self Purification Method – * * In depth healing EXCLUSIVE for the Apprenticeship group

This curriculum may vary in order to better provide you with the optimal tools available at the moment.

This program may also include Intuitive Healing, Healing Practicals, creating Sacred Space, receiving Deeksha (Oneness Blessing), Divine Goddess ~ Sacred Healing Dance, Martial Arts ~ Tai Chi ~ Meditation, Ho’oponopono, Kabbalah, Ethics and Business, Manifestation, Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, Subconscious Beliefs, Shadow Self healing, Dream interpretation, Healing Retreat & Potluck, and more.

Upon completion of this course you will also receive a “1 Year Oneness Healer Apprenticeship” Certificate.

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