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We are quite happy to announce our upcoming webinar on Seasonal Hair Care. Also, guess what? You are invited!

In addition, you can call absolutely everyone who is exactly able to be interested in improving their own haircuts and forming their own luxurious curls. Bloommy's team of specialists will include a number of these. In addition to your problems, they are addressed to:

  • For what reason do my curls and not yours become similar to wriggling in cool weather?
  • Equals How to make curls shine, as well as about girls in advertising?
  • For what reason do split ends regularly occur?
  • What role do collagen and keratin play in hair care??
  • Which products from Bloommy are likely to support long-term hair care?

Bloommy will conduct a free webinar every month on our Instagram page, where we will give an answer to all your problems without exception. In addition, you will have unlimited access to recommendations, ways and strategies of Bloommy according to the formation of luxurious hair also to our whole Bloommy community.

What are you expecting? Subscribe to us on Instagram @bloommy_care in order not to miss it!

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