Children’s Museum of Atlanta Debuts Next Phase of Step Up to Science

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A year after launching the new, fully reimagined Step Up to Science exhibit, Children’s Museum of Atlanta unveils the second set of exhibits under the “Cause and Effect” theme, “Engineering.” Now available and sponsored by Cognizant U.S. Foundation, these fresh, fascinating exhibits will captivate guests through a variety of experiential features, including the Spectrum Light Table and Magnatiles; Rigamajig +; Programming Art Station; Keva Planks; Circuit Bench and the Giant Pulley Wall.


“The second phase of the Step Up to Science exhibit will enhance children’s STEAM knowledge, offering various interactive opportunities for kids to discover the impacts of engineering,” said Director of Exhibits and Education Karen Kelly. “The play-centric environment will spark interest in concepts like architecture, electrical engineering and computer science.”


The Spectrum Light Table and Magnatiles element explores the concepts of light by combining the primary colors of light to ultimately create the full spectrum of visible color. Kids can build structures with colorful magnetic tiles to uncover how shapes and colors interact. At the Rigamajig +, little ones will experiment with various building pieces to create large-scale machines.


The Programming Art Station gives kids a chance to learn and practice early coding skills by curating digital art. The captivating Keva Planks allows junior architects to design their own structures as they use simple materials that turn into unreal creations.


Focusing on electricity, the Circuit Bench consists of metal links children will use to complete circuits and power devices. As the electricity begins, kids can watch the bench light up, whirl and sound off. The Giant Pulley Wall, which connects gears and wheels with large rubber belts, teaches little ones frictional forces. Small scientists can see just how big their pulley system can get!


Wild Kratts®: Creature Power®!, an interactive exhibit based on the popular PBS Kids series, is at Children’s Museum of Atlanta for a limited time. In this exhibit, created by Minnesota Children’s Museum in collaboration with the Kratt Brothers Company, kids and families can explore four animal habitats and the creatures within them. This adventurous exhibit, which focuses on cultivating STEM skills in children ages three to nine invites kids and families to explore animal habitats from around the globe, discover incredible creature powers and go on missions to foil the villains’ nefarious plans. The exhibit gets kids moving and thinking while they explore important concepts in science and the natural world. Building on children’s natural interest in animals, Wild Kratts®: Creature Power®! transports visitors to the Wild Kratts world, where creature adventures engage them in wide-ranging STEM experiences.’s-Museum-of-Atlanta-Debuts-Next-Phase-of-Step-Up-to-Science-

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