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The Shade Hallow Manor is a 17th-century mansion in Dark Cloud, which is an isolated town covered in dense fog. Built in 1670 by a legendary author named Shade Hallow, the estate is now an unkempt eyesore. In his day, Mr. Hallow was beloved and treated as royalty, as his literary works were loved by all.
Shade Hallow Manor has elegant architectural features, albeit they have been weathered throughout the years. Weeds have replaced the flowering shrubs and ornamental trees that once adorned the property. The final members of the Hallow lineage passed away in the early 1700's, leaving Shade's estate in the hands of the townspeople. The people have neglected the place, mostly due to the legend that Shade Hallow's ghost roams the corridors at night.
A majority of the townspeople have banned together and hope to remodel and reinstate the property as a historical bed and breakfast. They believe the old estate can generate tourism and income for Dark Cloud. Most people stand behind the idea, although a few are adamantly against the pursuit – claiming the manor's haunted and should be left alone.

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Category: Community | Local / Community

Individual Character: USD 49.00


Time: 18:00 to 22:00


Venue Name: Crime Scene Entertainment


Street Address

1701 North 4th Street Suite D
Coeur D Alene, ID 83815


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