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The South Loop Shopping and Lifestyle Center Has Become Home to Illinois' First and Only Treatment Facility Dedicated to Exclusively Performing Lip and Tongue-Tie Procedures Utilizing Innovative Techniques and Technology

CHICAGO, IL (March 30, 2021) -- Leading the way as Illinois' first and only treatment facility dedicated exclusively to Laser Frenectomy procedures focused on infants and children, Roosevelt Collection Shops is thrilled to announce the addition of the new Chicago Tongue-Tie Center, now open with state-of-the-art facilities in the South Loop lifestyle center at 1136 S Delano Ct., Suite B203. The new 2,550 sq ft facility is led by the experts at Chicago Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, also located within the shops, including industry innovators Dr. Justin Welke, Dr. Deric Truskoski and Dr. Bindi Vibhakar. Unique to the Chicago Tongue-Tie Center, the team will work not only to perform expert-level procedures with highly-specialized laser equipment whereas hospitals and similar facilities use scalpels and traditional sutures, but will offer their hallmark level of all-encompassing patient care, incorporating a three week regimen of oral stretches for healing with each patient, along with additional post-op services necessary to ensure a healthy recovery.

"We could not be more honored to serve as the home to such an innovative and important practice," said Ashley Paprock, Marketing Director at Roosevelt Collection Shops. "We look forward to watching their team of experts utilize their talents to change the game with this practice and help countless children and their families along the way."

A hugely important procedure to improve many daily functions, frenectomies are a common procedure among infants and children that may have frenums that are too short or thick in order to avoid issues with breastfeeding, sleeping, breathing and eating. Issues with the frenum can also lead to tooth or jaw displacement, speech delay or impediments as well as pain in the jaw or the development of an underbite, decreasing overall quality of life. The Chicago Tongue-Tie Center will utilize a revolutionary laser called LightScalpel to aid their patients. Known in the industry as the best method for a seamless procedure, LightScalpel offers maximum control and accuracy while guaranteeing a patient's comfort, minimal bleeding and swelling and an easier recovery. Frenums also have a significant impact on feeding in infants, and the center will serve as the only practice in Illinois that will offer lactation consultants in-house for care and guidance.

"It is a dream come true to be introducing this practice at the Roosevelt Collection Shops" said Dr. Justin Welke "We have established strong ties in the community over our years providing dentistry and orthodontics service in the center, and can not wait to offer Illinois its first exclusive space dedicated to tongue and lip ties. We look forward to helping as many patients as possible in the years to come."

The Chicago Tongue-Tie Center will be open from Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm. For more information or to request an appointment, please visit'-first-tongue-and-lip-tie-trea

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