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In the context of dramatically increasing food allergy incidence and a breakthrough approval in the field, the Next Generation Food Allergy Drug Development Summit will unite large pharma and innovative biotechs to overcome the unique drug development challenges involved in turning promising food allergy biologics into clinical and commercial realities.

Join us to investigate the latest technological innovations, benchmark against your peers, build global connections and streamline your drug development pipelines for food allergy, with insights being shared from a range of companies and institutions including Prota Therapeutics, Allergy Therapeutics, Intrommune, Vedanta Biosciences and University of North Carolina.



Time: 11:00 to 17:00

Conference + 2 Workshops -Industry: USD 2397.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Industry: USD 2098.00,
Conference Only - Industry: USD 1799.00,
Conference + 2 Workshops - Academic and Non-Profit: USD 1997.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Academic and Non-Profit: USD 1748.00,
Conference Only - Academic and Non-Profit: USD 1499.00

Speakers: Melanie Dispenza, Assistant Professor, John Hopkins Medicine, Matthew Heath, Principal Scientist, Innovation and Product Development, Allergy Therapeutics, Richard Insel, Global Head, Healthy Baby Initiative, Janssen, Pieter-Jan de Kam, Clinical Director, Allergy Therapeutics, Edwin Kim, Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Nikole Kimes, CEO and Co-Founder, Siolta Therapeutics, Erin Malawer, Executive Director, AllergyStrong, Sophie Nutten, Science Lead, Allergy, Nestle, Kemi Oluwayi, Head of Clinical Science, Allergy Therapeutics, William Reisacher, Senior Medical Advisor/ Associate Professor, Intrommune Therapeutics/Weill Cornell Medical College, Mohamed Shamji, Reader in Immunology and Allergy, Imperial College London, Abhit Sing, VP, Medical Affairs, Intrommune, Poul Sorensen, Co-Founder and CSO, Allero Therapeutics, Rose Szabady, Director, Immunology, Vedanta Biosciences, George du Toit, Professor, Pediatric Allergy, Kings College London, Guy Tropper, Senior VP, Medical and Corporate Affairs, Angany Therapeutics, Thomas Casale, Chief Medical Advisor for Operations/ Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics, FARE/University of South Florida, Tampa, Anita Roach, VP, Education and Voice of the Patient. FARE, Mimi Tang, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, Prota Therapeutics, Samir Patel, CEO, Moonlight Therapeutics, Hugh A Sampson, Kurt Hirschhorn Professor of Pediatrics, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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