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I am excited to announce that the Poised for Purpose Small Growth Group is hosting a community sock and underwear drive-thru on

August 28, 2021, at Prince of Peace Church located at 9350 Natural Bridge Rd. Berkeley Mo 63134 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

It is written in Matthew 25:31-40 that we have a responsibility to get involve in caring for those who are in need. As a community we are

stronger together and we can show our love and support for our neighbors by helping those in need. We are asking the St. Louis

community to support our outreach mission project by donating gift cards, new socks and underwear to benefit children and teens residing

in Every Child's Hope, Marygrove and Annie Malone Children's Home. We need all size socks and underwear: little kids, big kids, teens, and

adults. We are grateful for any donation that you can provide for this mission project!

For more information, please contact Traci Washington: 314-600-7149 or Kathleen Brown-Baylark: 314-680-0093

Humbly Submitted,

Traci Washington

Prince of Peace Church

9350 Natural Bridge Rd 

Berkeley, MO 63134


Pastor Willie E. Kilpatrick, Senior Pastor

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Street Address

9350 Natural Bridge Rd
Saint Louis, MO 63134


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