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Breakthrough Laser Coaching


 – helping you get right to the point – breaking through the barriers that are holding you back


Unlimited Coaching to Help You Overcome Your Obstacles


Breakthrough Laser Coaching is a quick 15-minute targeted coaching session that will help you gain clarity on one specific problem, question or goal. It will help you get through your roadblock, prioritize and focus on the real issue. It is meant to support you and hold you accountable so that you can reach your goals.


With Breakthrough Laser Coaching you will work on one issue at a time. It is different than a regular coaching session because you are not working towards a larger goal but rather trying to get through a roadblock or gain clarity on one specific problem or challenge. It is a way to bounce ideas off of an impartial person or get a quick practical solution or objective perspective.


What are the Benefits of Breakthrough Laser Coaching:

  • Good for clients that are busy but need a quick coaching session to solve a particular problem or question that doesn’t require a long session
  • Good for clients that need that boost of accountability
  • Helps you gain insight and clarity
  • Helps you create action steps
  • Helps you with motivation
  • Helps you with confidence
  • It is a cost-effective way to get the benefits of coaching

What can Breakthrough Laser Coaching be used for:

  • Any issue related to starting or running your business
  • Any issue with your employees, boss or co-workers
  • Issues regarding Life Transitions
  • Any job-related issues, interviewing for a new job….
  • Issues regarding personal relationships
  • Helping you live up to your potential
  • Having your own mentor

During our 15-minute session:

  • We will confirm your goals
  • We will identify steps to achieve your goals
  • We will discuss any potential roadblocks
  • We will agree on tasks to be completed

Remember – you get out of Coaching what you put into it. For results, you need to take action and follow through on your plan.


With Unlimited Breakthrough Laser Coaching Sessions, you can schedule as many 15-minute coaching sessions as you like. You must simply complete your assigned task before you schedule your next session. This ensures that you take the action you need – to get the results that you want.


In each session we will:

  • Discuss your progress
  • Determine what you need to do
  • Decide on a specific action or task for you to complete


Schedule your 30-minute call to clarify your goals and see if we can work together. If we are a good match, you  can start scheduling your Unlimited Breakthrough Laser Coaching Sessions and can schedule your next 15-minute coaching session.


Breakthrough Laser Coaching – accountability and encouragement when you need it most.


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