A Night for Women to Revitalize and Be Young Again

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December 22, 2022 5:30 Pm

The Iron Cactus,
3 Newton Junction Road Unit
3D Kingston, NH 03848
United States

There is no denying that advancements in the 21st century continue to give us more and more avenues to live better lives than the people who came before us did. Sadly, when many people think of taking advantage of today's advancements to live a better life, we tend to think of trivial pursuits such as social media and other distractions.

Meanwhile, medical, scientific and dietary advancements have brought us so much progress that we have what it takes to do something that those who came before us never thought possible - slow down the aging process.

If you are a woman who wishes to take advantage of this and revitalize yourself, this event is for you.

Event Disclaimer: This event does not belong to Divine Health. We are promoting this event as it relates to the aim of our website, products, and services. If you wish to view the actual event, please visit the organizer’s official event page listed below:


This event aims to provide a night of fun, laughter and wellness for everyone involved. It will last for 2 and half hours and every single minute will be filled with activities geared towards helping everyone present to dig deeper into their youthful side and have fun again like they haven't in a long time.

Fun activities such as candle making and oracle cards are available to help with the mental aspect of revitalization, while salt therapy, infrared sauna sessions, and vegan foods take care of the more physical aspects.

Salt therapy involves breathing in air containing tiny salt particles to help improve breathing problems such as cough, bronchitis and asthma.
Sauna sessions are known to provide tons of health benefits. Along with helping with conditions like headache and anxiety management, saunas can also help relax your muscles and slow down the process of aging.

For those who have yet to experience the beauty of a sauna session, the event promises to be a magnificent introduction to this wonderful activity with state-of-the-art barrel sauna kits. And for those who wish to know more about sauna benefits, this page provides more information.

Lastly, there will also be a plethora of vegan options to choose from to cap off a wonderful night. Each activity will last for 30 minutes before transitioning to the next and all participants are expected to bring with them a water bottle and change of clothesline for the sauna.


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