After a motorcycle accident 2 years ago, I am moving to a new apartment

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Two years ago I, Kyle Tenebruso was in a life changing motorcycle accident. I lost the use of my legs and left arm. I have been in and out of multiple hospitals and nursing homes. Fighting to still be a father and continue to grow my health and strength, I finally have been given a move in date and will be moving back to my hometown, Branchburg with my 4 year old son. It is a very tight budget to start as I have only been receiving disability for a short time. And nursing facilities take it if I stay in one leaving me unable to support my family in any way. I love you all and any help is greatly appreciated. I will always make it my goal to give back. Thank you all. 




Date and Time: On Thu, Mar 9,2023 (12:00 AM) to Tue, Apr 4,2023 (12:00 AM),-I-am-moving-to-a-new-apartment

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