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PRINCE2 Certifications pristine certifications and has a reputation. Now, most of the aspirants think a lot before choosing the level of PRINCE2 certification. And this has led to massive doubt amongst the PRINCE2 aspirants that whether they should achieve the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification or they should gear up to achieve the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification. Even many others think that both these certifications are somehow similar in matters of benefits. 

The reality is that these two certifications are different from each other in many aspects. And in this article, we will go through different points that will give you a clear idea about “how is the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is different from the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification?”


Who should choose the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification?


As the name of the certification suggests, the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is designed to shape one's fundamental knowledge, thoughts, and ideas related to Project Management. 

Well, this certification is an entry-level certification. And can be achieved by anyone. For instance, you are planning or aspiring to become a Project Manager in the future, then it is meant for you. As a newcomer in the field of Project Management, you may not know much about Project Management and its whereabouts. So by going through the training and course of the PRINCE2 certification, you will learn the basics or fundamentals of Project Management. The PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is meant for the non-experienced aspiring Project Managers.

Indeed it is an entry-level certification, but it’s not limited to the newcomers only. Well, this certification can also be achieved by someone who has some experience in Project Management but wants to validate his/her knowledge and preliminary skills as a Project Manager. This certification will be a great choice for such people. Or it can also be achieved by those who are planning to change their professions or want to jump from their earlier field to a new field. 

Basically, it needs no prerequisites whatsoever. Yet there are some requirements which should be fulfilled in order to sit in the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification exam and achieve the same. 


Who should choose PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification?


The PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification, on the other hand, is one level higher than the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification. This is designed for the experienced Project Managers who have spent hours in the Project Management field. Well, such professionals need to learn new techniques that will help them to excel in their career as a Project Manager. The prerequisites to get this certification are higher and stricter. 

Having a good amount of experience is much needed to achieve this certification. And on top of that, you will have to achieve the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification to apply for this certification. 

The PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification course is designed in such a way that, you as an experienced Project Manager, will learn new skills and get much knowledge about handling complex projects, dealing with stakeholders, running projects, and directing your teams to complete any project. Well, this certification will also enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills to become a better Project Manager in the future. There are many reasons why people opt to achieve this certification.

And this certification should be chosen by experienced Project Managers who dream of excelling in their careers. The fact that one has to have unique work experience in Project Management creates a hindrance to achieving this certification for people who belong to any other field. But that’s the only reason why this certification is an experienced-based certification. And it can only be achieved by the experienced Project Managers.


The Career Paths


If you are concerned about career paths related to both PRINCE2 Foundation Certification and PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification, then there are many jobs available for such certification. But they may vary, especially on the basis of experience. 

As the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is an entry-level certification. By achieving this certification, you will be able to get entry level jobs related to Project Management in varied industries. You can expect to become a team member of any project, and you may get responsibilities that will enhance your insights related to Project Management.

While you can only be eligible to apply for PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification if you have the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification. 

When it comes to PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification, you can expect senior positions as a Project Manager. You get a chance to direct teams and supervise them. At the same time, you can also become a Project Consultant for your team members and junior Project Managers.




By reading till now, you must have gotten the clarity regarding the difference between the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification and PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification.

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