Reiki classes in Several Texas cities

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Affordable Reiki classes in several Texas cities


Reiki is a natural healing modality and easy to learn. Healing Today has provided classes to thousands of students since 1999.


The training is in traditional Usui Reiki. In the level 1 class the student is taught the basics of Reiki healing including the hand positions to practice on self and others.


The fees to the Reiki classes include handout, attunement, and certificate. The level 1 class is only $95 total. The level 2 class is $105.


The classes are always fun and informative.


Reiki classes in Houston on December 9-10, 2023 

Reiki classes in San Antonio on January 6-7, 2024 


Reiki classes in Dallas, TX on December 2-3, 2023


Reiki classes in Austin, Texas on August 5-6, 2023 


Reiki classes in San Antonio 

Reiki classes in Dallas 

Reiki classes in Houston 


Healing Today is proud that we have provided affordable Reiki classes to thousands of students all over the USA since 1999. 

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