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Lona Garner
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Have you been looking for a space that you can completely let go and dance any way you feel like? In Bremerton? This isn't happening anywhere else in Kitsap. So, come out and see what it's like to have a dance with: no talking, shoes optional, no phones or cameras, and no judgement. Since there are no rules on how to "dance", how could anyone judge it? Sometimes this is called ecstatic dance or freeform dance. Mine is a little bit different since I'm a Tantra Teacher! At the beginning we do just a couple of exercises to build community, trust, and warm you up to dance! Then we go into unimpeded dance. It is mostly all-genre electronic music. You can rest anytime you like (it's not a dance marathon). This is NOT a drop in event. Please arrive by 7pm at Tones Fitness on January 27th. You must attend circle to participate and the circle starts at 7:15 once everyone is checked in. 

This event is a safe space for all. LGBTQ+ welcome. Poly and ENM welcome. Disabilities accommodated and welcome. Kids allowed (although this event is not designed for kids, they have attended and enjoyed themselves if they can follow the rules). Witches so welcome. 

Get tickets at http://www.makespaceforinfinity.com for $22 each! 


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900 Pacific Ave
Bremerton, WA 98337


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