Free Intro to Square Dance - Clarkston

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Karen Reicahrdt
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7 pm to 9 pm

Why Square Dance?

Fun - Laughter guaranteed, No judges, No audience, No stress

Friendship - Meet people who’s only goal is to enjoy square dancing.

Family - Ages 10 - 100 - Everyone dances together. Singles welcome, partner suggested but not required.

Focus - Engage your brain cells to follow the calls. Simon Says, to music, in teams, with everyone moving together.

Footsteps - 9 to 10,000 steps in an average evening. Low impact aerobics with arm movements. Laughter is good for your lungs.

Have you got two left feet? Come on out and we will prove you can dance. Just for fun. This is NOT Dancing with the Stars. No judges only laughter. Learn to square dance and make a circle of friends.

Street Address

2130 5th Street
Clarkston, WA 99403


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