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Because everyone deserves a little dignity and because no woman should have to choose between a meal and a maxi-pad are only two of the reasons we do what we do. I Support The girls-Whidbey Island (ISTG-WI) has been helping people in Skagit County for over 4 years but we need your help to continue. Individually wrapped feminine hygiene products, socks, new underpants, new toiletries and new and gently used bras are what we collect and distribute to people in need via vetted social service organizations, law enforcement, schools and more. Even though we believe that local donations should stay local, we cannot ask our very generous donors from Whidbey Island to "foot the bill" so to speak for people in Skagit County and beyond. That's why we are asking for your help to host a donation bin in your business or a business that you know and we are looking for people to help monitor those bins, possibly clean them out and meet up with one of our volunteers to bring them to our warehouse where we sort, clean and distribute these donations back out to those in need. The need continues to grow in our ever changing world and more and more people are in need of our help. We are one of 50+ Affiliates of an international non-profit organization and here is a link to our website: and we encourage everyone to check us out. Our neighbors in need, need all of us to help get them back on their feet. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to help our neighbors in need. We don't do hand-outs...we do hand-ups. Please go to our website and our local Facebook page, to check us out. What we do is an ongoing service, not a one time shot and we need your help to keep going. ISTG-WI is one of two Affiliates in Washington State and we are the only ones west of North Dakota and north of Colorado. We cannot help everyone that we would like to but we can continue to help those people locally with your help. Please help us spread the word. And if you cannot host a donation bin or volunteer with us but you want to help somehow, there are two QR codes on our Facebook page for you to use. We need anything and everything from our Amazon Wish List and we need financial donations from the second QR code. They help us fill in gaps when we run low on items people need.


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