Square Dance Lessons with the Wild Rose Ramblers

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Karen Reichardt
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  • Brings people together: Square dance (SD) is social networking IRL (in real life). Beginning SD lessons offer the time to get to know fellow dancers and become friends.


  • Brain-building: Teamwork with other dancers in your square will keep your mind sharp, focused, and challenged – no matter your age.


  • Like a game: SD is Simon Says for adults. It’s Sudoku for your feet. It’s puzzle-solving on the fly with a team of people working together.


  • Non-competitive: Everybody walks off the floor smiling friends. Mistakes are forgotten. No penalty box or time-out. 


  • Good for step-counters: In one evening of square dancing, you might walk three to five miles. Moderate, low-impact heart-healthy movement. 


  • Fine for “two left feet” folks: It’s walking in time to the music. As long as you know your right from your left, you don’t need to be a fancy stepper to square dance. 


  • All kinds of music: You will dance to just about any song with a good beat and brisk pace, including tunes by the Beatles, Adele, Garth Brooks, Lady Gaga, Pink, Pit Bull, and more. 


  • Inclusive: Partner suggested but not required. You’ll find plenty of experienced dancers ready to dance with you. Dance in every state and many other countries. Calls are always in English - Smiles are universal.

Street Address

7424 North Freya Street
Spokane, WA 99217


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