Where to Advertise Events

Hosting or organizing events is an exciting, fun, and rewarding experience when attendance is high, participants are happy, and everything goes according to plan.  Events are a great way to sell merchandise, raise money, increase brand awareness, or build a sense of community. No matter what the goal, though, successful event planning hinges on one thing: driving traffic to your event.

The most well thought out function will fall short without successful event promotion.  When the doors open you need people to walk through them.

The following examples and ideas will help you drive more traffic to your event.

How to Promote an Event

Online advertising is an effective and efficient method to help increase awareness.  Numerous sites are available to promote your event.  Don't shy away from the smaller sites, as these tend to cater to local events and promoters.  As a result, your ads are less likely to get lost in the clutter of big name performers or events that already have huge brand recognition.

Merging Traditional Media with 21st Century Tools

Sites like Events Near Here offer handy tools that help market your event.  Mare sure you take advantage of such tools.  On this site, for example, the buttons located all the way on the left side of the page allow you to easily share your event on your favorite social media sites. 

To give your event the competitive edge, as all you need to do is post a free event ad, navigate to that ad, and then share the page by clicking the sharing links found to the left side of your browser window.

Ads on Events Near Here are automatically sent to the site's twitter account, which means more exposure for you with less work. 

When comparing various advertising sites, make sure such functionality is present.

The QR Code

Another tool Events Near Here offers is the QR Code.  When free event ads are placed on eventsnearhere.com, a QR Code is automatically created for the ad.  The QR Code is high quality, so you may have it printed on your printed collateral.  As people with QR enabled smart phones see your printed material, they will scan the code and automatically get linked to your Events Near Here ad.

This is great if you have a lot to say about your event, but your available print space prohibits you from articulating the full message.  Simply post the QR code and let the smartphone do the rest!

Traditional Media Outlets Can Help Promote Your Event

Paid advertising is not your only option when it comes to traditional media.  Often times newspapers, radio stations, and television stations have staff on hand whose responsibility is to make money through non-traditional channels.  One aspect of non-traditional revenue generation is going in to the community and sponsoring events.  

If your event is open to the public, call the promotions and marketing departments of local media outlets, and tell them about your event.  Offer space to them, and let them know your anticipated foot traffic.  They may require space so they can distribute the promotional materials of their sponsors.  In return you may get liner ads, or mentions on air about your event.

If your event is for a good cause, don't be shy about asking to see if an on-air personality would be interested in emceeing.  If you catch them on a good day they might just say yes, and you may get additional on-air mentions. 

Whatever method you choose to promote your event, get started here at Events Near Here.  Our free event ads work, and sign up is easy!